Decorative Concrete

Southcrete™ Spray Deck System

Southcrete™ Spray Deck is a two-part resinated deck system that includes liquid resin and powder that is spray or trowel applied over new or existing concrete surfaces. Available only in white, this product is designed for use on commercial and residential walkways and driveways, pool patios, and similar decks to revitalize and enhance concrete surfaces. Select from twelve (12) Southcrete™ Color Guard / Stain Sealer colors.

Product Details


  • Available in white.
  • Superior bonding and flexibility.
  • Anti-skid surface.
  • Ease of application with minimum downtime.
  • Fast curing — allows for foot traffic in 24 hours, vehicle traffic in 48 hours.
  • Freeze/thaw resistant.
  • Resistant to mildew.


All decks must be completely free of dirt, oil, grease, or other foreign materials. This can be accomplished by acid-etching or water blasting. Rinse thoroughly with water, making sure no standing water or residue is present.


In a clean five-gallon bucket thoroughly mix one (1) 50 lbs. bag of dry mix with approximately 1/3 bucket of liquid resin until free of lumps. ONLY MIX AMOUNT OF MATERIAL THAT CAN BE SPRAYED WITHIN THIRTY (30) MINUTES OF MIXING. Let mix set for two (2) minutes, the re-mix again with a drill for one (1) minute.

  • NOTE: If the material sets up, you may re-temper with SGM Liquid Resin.


Immediately after mixing, fill the hopper with mix and begin spraying, covering approximately 75 percent of concrete surface. Depending on the temperature, substrate, or exposure to the sun, you can begin to knock down material with a trowel as soon as the material is sprayed. Test surface for dryness — the surface may be dry in approximately one (1) hour. Once the surface is dry, lightly scrape to remove any loose material or ridges. Using a roller or airless sprayer, apply two (2) thin coats of SGM Color Guard Plus. Make sure to let the first coat dry completely.


Minumum curing is achieved in eight (8) hours. It is best to keep foot traffic off until the next day. Depending on the temperature, allow two (2) days for automobiles or heavy traffic use.


Each bag of dry mix to five (5) gallons of liquid resin covers approximately 500—700 sq ft. Desired texture and thickness affect coverage rates.

  • NOTE: Coverage may vary according to the condition and porosity of the substrate.


Keep from freezing and do not store in direct sunlight. Clean hands, tools, and containers with warm soapy water.


One (1) year in an unopened, properly stored container.


Southcrete™ Spray Deck System lifetime will be greatly enhanced through proper and regular maintenance.


Product is alkaline on contact with water. Use paddle for mixing to avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes. In case of such contact, flood eyes repeatedly with water and CALL A PHYSICIAN. Wash thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating. Do not take internally. CONTAINS FREE SILICA — DO NOT BREATHE DUST. Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease (Silicosis).

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals, including silica, which the State of California recognizes as a cause of cancer. For more information, visit the Proposition 65 Warnings Website ( Use NIOSH approved masks at all times to handle silica dust. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Please refer to Southcrete™ Color Guard / Stain Sealer for available colors.



Sample colors are as accurate as modern technology can produce. Verify appearance with a test area before installation. Please request a Color Guard key chain to make a color selection. Actual shade and texture will depend on job site conditions, mixing ratio, individual batches, and installation methods. Use constitutes acceptance.

SGM, Inc. warrants this product will perform in accordance with its intended use for a period of one year from the date of manufacture. Any claim for defective products must be submitted in writing to SGM, Inc., and samples of the defect must be provided. SGM, Inc.’s sole obligation will be to replace any product determined to be defective by SGM, Inc. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, SGM, INC. MAKES NO OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL SGM, INC. BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND OR NATURE, WHETHER ARISING BY CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE. SGM, INC.’S SOLE OBLIGATION WILL BE TO REPLACE ANY PRODUCT DETERMINED BY SGM, INC. TO BE DEFECTIVE. Customers may acquire an extended five-year warranty.