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Stone Sealer — No Sheen Sealer

SGM Stone Sealer is a solvent-based, no-sheen, penetrating sealer. Our Stone Sealer is formulated to darken, enhance and highlight the character and beauty of unsealed, low-porosity natural stone. It rejuvenates the color and improves the appearance of worn and weathered dense stone. It may also be used as a pre-grouting sealer over clean stone surfaces a minimum of just two (2) hours prior to grouting. Additionally, this product also effectively darkens the color of grout joints and allows for moisture vapor transmission.

Product Details




Shake well before use. This product is to be used directly from the container and is not under any circumstances to be thinned or diluted with anything before use. Always protect neighboring surfaces including wood, carpet, metal, landscaping, and other non-masonry surfaces. The surface should be clean, dry, and free from any waxes, coatings, or finishes. Clean the surface to be treated with SGM Safe Clean Crystals or other appropriate SGM cleaning product, and then neutralized by rinsing thoroughly.


Stone Sealer contains combustible petroleum distillates. All solvents must be considered toxic and must be used in a well-ventilated area. Good ventilation means that fresh air is flowing in such a way as to feel a slight breeze. Open windows and use fans to circulate air. Continue to ventilate until vapors are eliminated. Exposure to high vapor concentration must be avoided. Inhaling the vapors can be harmful. Keep away from heat and open flames. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Gloves must be worn at all times. Keep small children and pets out of the area until the surface has thoroughly dried. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store in an upright position.


  • Eye Contact: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
  • Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
  • Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing and launder before reuse. Wash with soap and water. Get medical attention if irritation persists.
  • Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Seek medical attention.



Due to the differences of each substrate, several inconspicuous test patches should be completed to assure maximum performance. Also, due to the differences of each substrate, some shading may occur. Users must determine the suitability of the product for its intended use.

Apply Stone Sealer to surface in a thin, even coat with a clean white cotton towel or pump sprayer. Allow sealer to stand for three (3) to five (5) minutes to assure maximum penetration. Any excess sealer must be removed before it dries. A second coat may be required on more porous surfaces and should be applied three (3) to twenty-four (24) hours after the first coat has dried. The excess residue (haze) can be removed from the surface by reapplying sealer, then buffing off before it dries. The finished area can be used in two (2) to five (5) hours; however, for best results, the finished area should be kept dry and free from stains for 72 hours.


Stone Sealer may also be used as a grout release for new installations.


Avoid using general cleaners not specifically designed for natural stone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or grout. Some of these general cleaners (i.e. off the shelf bathroom, tile, and grout cleaners) may contain harmful chemicals that may damage natural stone, as the stone is sensitive to certain chemicals. SGM’s series of cleaners are specifically designed for cleaning natural stone, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and grout. (See product recommendation chart for appropriate products for your particular application.)


Coverage will vary depending on density, porosity, texture, surface absorption, weather, time the solution is left on the surface and application methods. Used as directed. Stone Sealer will cover approximately 125—500 square feet per one quart (11—46 square meters per 946 ml). Optimum application temperature is between 50°F (fifty degrees Fahrenheit) — 90°F (ninety degrees Fahrenheit). VOC — ? 742 g/L.


Up to one (1) year from date of manufacture in an unopened, properly stored container.


When the time comes to re-seal natural stone, ceramic/porcelain tile, and grout, be sure that it is sufficiently cleaned. Refer to product recommendation chart for appropriate products to be used on specific surfaces.

SGM, Inc. warrants this product will perform in accordance with its intended use for a period of one (1) year from the date of manufacture. Any claim for defective product must be submitted in writing to SGM, Inc., and samples of defect must be provided. SGM, Inc.’s sole obligation will be to replace any product determined to be defective by SGM Inc. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, SGM, INC. MAKES NO OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL SGM, INC. BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND OR NATURE, WHETHER ARISING BY CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE. SGM, INC.’S SOLE OBLIGATION WILL BE TO REPLACE ANY PRODUCT DETERMINED BY SGM, INC. TO BE DEFECTIVE.