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Diamond Brite® Jewels

Why the best choice for your pool is Diamond Brite® Jewels…


Specially designed with a patent pending proprietary formula, the new Diamond Brite® Jewels finishes have unparalleled fade resistance and are highly UV stable. Through the years this will be the catalyst for keeping your rich, vibrant finish color as beautiful as when it was first installed.

The rich jewel tones of this premium pool finish replicate a wide expanse of water colors, from tropical waters and crisp mountain lakes to the rich dark blues of the ocean. This wide variety of colors is available to help your next pool, spa, or water feature project go from ordinary to something extraordinary.

The six unique Diamond Brite® Jewels finishes reflect the high quality, strength and color hues that are befitting the gemstones they were named after:  Alabaster, Blue Topaz, Moonstone, Obsidian, Paraiba and Tanzanite.

Contact your SGM Sales Representative for the availability of Diamond Brite® Jewels in your area.