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Southcrete™ Color Guard Concrete Stain / Sealer

Southcrete™ Color Guard Concrete Stain / Sealer is a unique water-based penetrating stain and sealer. Color Guard is designed to be used in unison with the Spray Deck System to preserve the long-lasting, colorful finish. Choose from twelve (12) beautiful colors — including white and clear seal — to enhance the overall appearance and resistance of your surface. Color Guard can be used on existing concrete surfaces.

NOTE: Southcrete Color Guard Concrete Stain / Sealer is required over Southcrete™ Spray Deck (two-parts: powder and resin) and over One-Step Spray Deck as well.

Product Details


The entire surface to be painted should be clean, dry, sound, fully cured, and free from dirt, grease, oils, waxes, curing and release agents, mildew, and any other surface contaminants that may adversely affect the performance of this coating. All new concrete and masonry surfaces should be allowed to properly dry/cure in accordance with industry standards. The surface area to be painted should be porous. The non-porous or smooth concrete surface should be properly etched with a muriatic acid and water solution. On previously painted substrates, remove any loose, scaling, chalked, cracked, and peeling paint by hand scraping, sanding, wire brushing, or by power tool cleaning methods, such as electric sanders, grinders, et cetera. Feather sand smoothes all rough paint edges. Glossy surfaces should be properly dulled. Repair and/or replace all damaged, delaminated and/or surface imperfections with the proper patching compounds or building materials.


Surface areas affected by mildew should be properly cleaned with a soft — medium bristle scrub brush and one (1) cup of Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP), mixed with three (3) parts warm water, and one (1) part household bleach, per gallon solution. Apply the solution to the affected surface area, plus a 1-foot area surrounding the affected surface area. Allow the solution to remain on the affected surface area for up to twenty (20) minutes, occasionally reapplying a solution as it dries. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow a minimum of 24 hours to dry thoroughly


In case of skin contact, wash thoroughly with plenty of warm soap and water. In case of eye contact immediately flush with plenty of water for 15 minutes, and get medical attention immediately. If you experience difficulty breathing, leave the area to obtain fresh air. If continued difficulty is experienced, get medical attention immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately.


Southcrete™ Color Guard Stain / Sealer coating may be easily applied with a quality brush, roller, or airless spray equipment, as follows:

  • Stir thoroughly in a spiral up and down motion, before and during application to keep product completely mixed. For best results, it is recommended to apply two (2) finish coats.
  • To assure color uniformity always intermix multiple containers of custom tinted and stock colors. Apply a small test sample to verify color.

When applying by brush, apply a smooth and even coat on smaller surfaces, such as painting step areas, trim, or cutting-in larger surface areas.

When applying by roller, on solid surface areas, apply an even and smooth coat application in a “W” or crisscross, avoiding any excessive re-spreading or reworking. When applying by airless spray equipment, use a unit with a minimum of 2,000 PSI of pressure, with a 0.015″ — 0.017″ fluid spray tip. During spray application, back-roll the surface area to ensure proper adhesion and an even coat application. To assure coating uniformity, always paint to a natural break in the surface, such as a corner or edge. Maintain a wet edge during application by brushing, rolling, or spraying into a previously applied coating area. If applying two finish coats, allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Avoid exterior paint application when weather conditions are threatening, and late in the day when there is a threat of moisture condensing on wet paint. Apply when surface and ambient temperatures are above 55°F (fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit) and below 90°F (ninety degrees Fahrenheit).


Covers approximately 250 — 300 square feet per gallon, depending on the method of application, and the porosity of the surface to be painted.

    • Dries tack-free in approximately one (1) hour, for re-coat in two (2) to four (4) hours, or after allowing to dry overnight.
    • Dries for light foot traffic in six (6) to eight (8) hours, and for vehicle traffic in approximately one (1) week, depending on conditions.

Application in cooler temperatures, or in high humidity environments may prolong dry/cure times.


Clean up all minor spills or spatters immediately with warm soapy water, as well as all painting tools and spray equipment. More serious spills should be properly contained and removed with an inert absorbent material. Properly dispose of contaminated absorbent, container, and unused contents in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

SGM — Southcrete™ Color Guard Stain / Sealer — Logo

      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Almond Color
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Desert Sand Color
        Desert Sand
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Egg Shell Color
        Egg Shell
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Gun Metal Color
        Gun Metal
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Ivory Color
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Kahlua Crème Color
        Kahlua Crème
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Nickel Color
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Sea Shell Color
        Sea Shell
      • SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Silver Color
      •  SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — Terracotta Color
      •  SGM — Southcrete™ One-Step Spray Deck System — White Color


Sample colors are as accurate as modern technology can produce. Verify appearance with a test area before installation. Please request a Color Guard key chain to make a color selection. Actual shade and texture will depend on job site conditions, mixing ratio, individual batches, and installation methods. Use constitutes acceptance.

SGM, Inc. warrants this product will perform in accordance with its intended use for a period of one year from the date of manufacture. Any claim for defective products must be submitted in writing to SGM, Inc., and samples of defect must be provided. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, SGM, INC. MAKES NO OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL SGM, INC. BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND OR NATURE, WHETHER ARISING BY CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE. SGM INC.’S SOLE OBLIGATION WILL BE TO REPLACE ANY PRODUCT DETERMINED BY SGM, INC. TO BE DEFECTIVE.