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Looking for the Most Advanced Pool Finish on the Market?

SGM — Diamond Brite®-Jewels™ — Blue-Topaz
Blue Topaz

Is the longevity of your pool plaster important to you?
Building a pool is a huge investment, why not have the best finish on the market!
Our newest product line, Diamond Brite® “Jewels” is available and ready to order!
The benefits of completing your project with “Jewels” are unmatched:
– New improved formula, highly UV stable
– Unparalleled fade resistance
– Minimizes the degrading effects of bleach and sunlight
– Stronger than traditional plaster
– Available in 6 unique, vibrant gemstone colors
We have utilized our decades of experience to craft a premium product capable
of withstanding years and years of enjoyment!
Contact your local installer/distributor about “Jewels” today!

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