Medium Blue Shade

Medium Blue Shade

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For updated takes on classic pool, spa, and water feature colors, SGM, Inc. has several brilliant blue shades to choose from. Add richness in texture and color to your swimming pool, spa, or water feature project with a vibrant shade of medium blue.

See the stunning shades, blends, and glittering shine of the new Blue Topaz pool finish from our Diamond Brite® Jewels line,  Super Blue from our Diamond Brite® line, go exotic with Tahiti Blue from our Diamond Brite® Watercolors series, and dive to the Ocean Floor with Durazzo™.

Diamond Brite® Jewels
Blue Topaz

Diamond Brite®
Super Blue

Diamond Brite®
Tahoe Blue

Diamond Brite® Watercolors - Tahiti Blue

Ocean Floor

Ultra Pearl Brite

Please, keep in mind that the color of the pool may vary due to water depth, lighting conditions at the job site, mixing and installation methods. Sample colors and photographs attached here are as accurate as modern technology can produce and can even vary depending on your monitor calibrations.