Tile & Stone Installation

CSM System Primer

SGM CSM System Primer is a necessary component of SGM Membrane Systems. The use of this primer is required in order to meet minimum shear strengths mandated by A118.10 for load-bearing, bonded waterproof membranes. When installing membrane in excessively damp areas, use a latex-modified thin-set meeting ANSI A118.4 specifications in lieu of primer.

Product Details


  • Safe, non-flammable primer for SGM Membrane System installation.
  • Allows installers more time to adjust the membrane during installation.
  • Establishes permanent bond in 48-hours.
  • Will not re-emulsify.
  • Tile can be set immediately on horizontal surfaces.
  • Tile can be applied to vertical surfaces after 48-hours.
  • Pre-mixed formula — no thinning required.


See the specified Membrane Install Sheet and the Interior CSM Primer label for complete application instructions.

CSM System Primer may be applied with a short nap roller, flat trowel, brush applicator, or sprayer. The ubstrate temperature should be at least 65°F (sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit). Apply one (1) thin, even film of uniform thickness; DO NOT apply excessive primer, or re-roll the primer once applied. Prime only the area that will be covered with a membrane within four (4) hours; protect the primer from exposure to dirt, dust, or liquid contaminants while drying. Allow the primer to dry until it
is tacky to the touch, but will not transfer to finger. Primer is usually tacky to the touch in ten (10) to forty-five (45) minutes, depending on conditions.


Remove wet primer with a cloth dampened in plain water. Use mineral spirits if the primer has dried.


  • 375 — 425 square feet per gallon (5.9 to 7.1 square meters per liter), depending on the type of applicator and the porosity of the substrate.


If the membrane is lifted to adjust the sheet or smooth out a wrinkle, expect to see a thin curing film on some areas of the underside of the membrane. Retouch the substrate with primer in the lifted area and replace the membrane sheet. Roll or flat trowel the membrane into place. The final permanent bond is established in twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours. It is not necessary to wait to set tile. Tile can be set immediately on horizontal surfaces without any downtime, and on vertical surfaces after forty-eight (48) hours.

NOTES: Due to the increased adjustability of the primer bond on membrane, a ‘pull’ test or bond strength test, if needed, should be delayed twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours. Reapplication of CSM System Primer increases the length of time before a permanent bond is established. For absorptive surfaces, consult the SGM Technical Services department.


Product is alkaline on contact with water. Use paddle for mixing to avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes. In case of such contact, flood eyes repeatedly with water and CALL A PHYSICIAN. Wash thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating. Do not take internally. CONTAINS FREE SILICA — DO NOT BREATHE DUST. Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease (Silicosis).

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals, including silica, which the State of California recognizes as a cause of cancer. For more information, visit the Proposition 65 Warnings Website (www.P65Warnings.ca.gov). Use NIOSH approved masks at all times to handle silica dust. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


These primers are necessary components of SGM Membrane Systems. Read and understand all packaging, product data, membrane install information, and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) prior to



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