Tile & Stone Installation

Dry-Set Grout

(Unsanded Grout for 1/16″ — 1/8″)

Dry-Set Grout is designed to be used in grout joints 1/8″ wide or less when installing glazed bisque bodied tiles, marble, or granite. Available in 32 designer and decorator colors to complement every wall, countertop, and backsplash.

Product Details


  • Mildew resistant
  • High strength
  • Easy clean up
  • Excellent workability
  • Non-toxic


Important Facts To Know Before Grouting: Uneven color variations are caused by the following: sun and wind exposure, variations in grout joints, excessive amounts of water, uneven glaze patterns on sides of tiles, using a sponge during cleanup, moisture in setting bed, and different batches of grout. Mortar beds should be allowed to dry thoroughly before grouting, approximately 48 hours for thin-bed method and 72 hours for thick bed method. Keep grout joint width and depth the same. If tiles spacers are used, remove before grouting. Mix each batch of grout with the same minimum amount of water, and mix the same way each time.

Misting (fogging) the entire installation prior to grouting will help control the hydration of the Portland cement grout and will prevent rapid water loss in hot, dry temperatures. NOTE: do not allow water to puddle or remain present during grouting. Use only the same lot numbers. If separate batch numbers have to be used, dry blend to obtain a uniform color. Application of grout release may be necessary to avoid staining of some tiles. Consult tile manufacture.


Add sufficient cool, clean water to form a smooth paste-like trowable mix. Approximately ¾ gallon (2.84)L) of liquid to 25lb. (1.3kg) of powder. Allow the mix to slake for 5 to 10 minutes, then re-mix before application. Spread grout over the surface of the tile with a soft rubber grout float. Work diagonally across tiles to ensure complete filling of the joints. Remove excess grout from the face of tiles as work progresses. After grout haze appears and grout becomes firm, polish tile and dress grout joint with a clean polishing cloth. Dampen if necessary.


The minimum cure is reached in 24 hours any type of traffic should be restricted to 72 hours. For maximum strength wet grout joint each day with a damp sponge for two to three days. As grout loses water, it will get lighter in color.


Meets ANSI A118.6 & A118.7 / A108.10.

  • 28-Day Compressive Strength: >3,500 psi
  • Water Absorption:  < 10
  • Shore D Hardness:  > 70


WARNING — EYE IRRITANT CONTAINS PORTLAND CEMENT. Product is alkaline on contact with water. Use paddle for mixing to avoid splashing into eyes or contact with skin. During mixing or application avoid contact with eyes. In case of such contact, flood eyes repeatedly with water and CALL A PHYSICIAN. Wash thoroughly after handling and before smoking or eating. Do not take internally. CONTAINS FREE SILICA — DO NOT BREATHE DUST. Prolonged exposure to dust may cause delayed lung disease (Silicosis). WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals, including silica, which the State of California recognizes as a cause of cancer. For more information, visit the Proposition 65 Warnings Website (www.P65Warnings.ca.gov). Use NIOSH approved masks at all times to handle silica dust. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Up to one (1) year from date of manufacture in unopened, properly stored containers.

Available Colors



Sample colors are as accurate as modern technology can produce.

  • SGM Color Caulk — Antique Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Almond Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Aztec Gold Color
    Aztec Gold
  • SGM Color Caulk — Beach Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Ash Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Champagne Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Charcoal Black Color
    Charcoal Black
  • SGM Color Caulk — Canvas Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Burlap Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Buff Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Glacier Blue Color
    Glacier Blue
  • SGM Color Caulk — Emerald Ice Color
    Emerald Ice
  • SGM Color Caulk — DeLorean Gray Color
    DeLorean Gray
  • SGM Color Caulk — Dove Gray Color
    Dove Gray
  • SGM Color Caulk — Chocolate Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Créme Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Koala Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Honey Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Khaki Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Light Sand Color
    Light Sand
  • SGM Color Caulk — Light Buckskin Color
    Light Buckskin
  • SGM Color Caulk — Oyster Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Saddle Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Pale Linen Color
    Pale Linen
  • SGM Color Caulk — Natural Gray Color
    Natural Gray
  • SGM Color Caulk — Mocha Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Sunglow Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Sand Dune Beige Color
    Sand Dune Beige
  • SGM Color Caulk — Silver Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — White Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Tawny Color
  • SGM Color Caulk — Seashell Color

S.G.M., Inc. will replace any material proved defective with the maximum shelf life on unused material of up to one (1) year. If our products are not found to conform to our high standards, notify S.G.M., immediately in writing. There is no other obligation expressed or implied, and we assume no liabilities for damages of any kind. Suitability of the product for an intended use shall be solely up to the user.