Tile & Stone Installation

Security Grout Admix Plus

SGM Security Grout Admix Plus is a specially formulated grout additive to be used with Security Grout in lieu of mixing with water. For interior or exterior installations, Grout Admix provides maximum protection, with no sealing required. SGM Security Grout Admix Plus is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications. Our Security Grout Admix Plus can be used with all types of tile, marble, granite, and slate in service areas such as showers, floors, and countertops.

Product Details


Protect from freezing.



Shake well before use. Some tiles or stones might be stained by colored grout; application of a grout release may be necessary, consult the manufacturer before use. Verify appearance with a test area before installation.


To minimize color variation when using multiple containers of the same color grout with different lot/batch numbers, use grout with the same lot/batch number. Different lot/ batch numbers should be dry-blended to obtain color uniformity.

  1. Mix tile grout in a clean mixing container.
  2. Add 25 lbs of sanded grout to ¾ of the contents of Grout Admix Plus liquid (for unsanded grouts use 10 lbs for 40 oz of Grout Admix Plus), mix thoroughly, then add the remainder of the liquid required to achieve a smooth, trowelable consistency.
  3. Mix the grout with a margin trowel or low-speed mixer (less than 300 RPM) allow to slake for 5—10 minutes.
  4. Then remix thoroughly until smooth. If the mix is too dry, up to three (3) ounces of clean potable water may be added.

Follow the grout manufacturer’s application directions for grouting and clean up.


Allow a minimum of ten (10) days or per grout manufacturer’s instruction, whichever is longer before starting routine cleaning.

Coverage: Refer to grout manufacturer’s published coverages.


When the time comes to clean grout using a pH neutral cleaner such as liquid dishwasher soap for everyday cleaning. For grease or soap scum, use an alkaline cleaner. Some floor cleaning processes such as mopping will deposit dirt residue on top of the grout joint. It is suggested that mop water be removed from the grout surface before it dries.

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